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Our Planet's Perspective - 2024 Calendar

Our relationship with our planet… What could be more important than the relationship we have with our home and whilst our planet can’t speak, we fail to hear it’s attempts at communicating with us. 
Over the decades we have seen enormous population growth and over industrialisation which is evidently having a detrimental effect on where we live. 
Each year we try to highlight a different perspective and following the success of the launch last year, we decided immediately what we wanted to highlight this year: – The Planet’s Perspective. 
Trying to find a balance between the beauty of the planet and showing how human and nature co-exist, we worked with the wonderful community to put these images together for everyone to enjoy. 
As always, we would like to thank the wonderful contributors for their support and, of course, Ingrid Civet, who makes this all come together. 
Andra Milsome and Mark Purvis 

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Our Planet's Perspective - 2024 Calendar  

£20 - purchase HERE

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