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A Female Perspective - 2023 Calendar

In 2019 Mark Purvis and Andra Milsome got together in Mark Milsome’s honour to launch the Prints For Mark campaign. Mark Purvis had identified the incredible photography of Adam Suschitzky BSC and had long wanted to collaborate in some way. The idea was born to work with Cinematographers, using their photos to create gallery quality prints and auction them for the charity to highlight and educate about safety on set.  The collaboration between Andra Milsome and Mark Purvis has formed a tight bond, where they share a mutual, but contrasting love for photography and a passion for supporting emerging talent coming through the industry, developing basic skills to help them get on their way. They believe safetyon set is paramount, they want the UK to be the safest and most efficient place to produce any production, all the while having access to excellent crew that can deliver vision. The last 12 months have made for an interesting narrative for the division between genders, as we look at moments like the reversal of Roe Vs Wade and the defiance of women in Iran. With that in mind, we felt that this year’s focus should illustrate the unique perspectives women have on the world. This presented us with the exciting opportunity to collaborate with Illumanitrix, a collective of female cinematographers working on some of the most prolific productions in the UK and around the world. We set out this year with the ambition of putting together 14 images that capture a moment in time and how different women see the world. Whether it be a political movement, time with the family, time of isolation or time by the sidelines, moments that show happiness, contemplation, celebration and resilience.  We want to give a special thank you to Catherine Goldschmidt, Vanessa Whyte and the wonderful contributors from illuminatrix and illuminatrix Rising who helped put this together. We hope you enjoy the images for 2023.  The film industry is a unique community; one where we often find ourselves working closely with others to achieve ambitious results. We are grateful for the support of this wonderful community and feel privileged to share the experience of creating these calendars for everyone to enjoy.

We wish you a wonderful 2023!    Andra Milsome and Mark Purvis