Prints for Mark is a creative project between Mark’s widow, Andra and Mark Purvis of Mission Digital which was born after a successful auction of cinematographer’s Adam Suschitsky BSC and Seamus McGarvey ASC BSC ISC photographs for the Mark Milsome Foundation.

We decided to open up for not only DOPs, but also technicians from the camera & electrical department to submit their photographs.


We created our first Prints For Mark Calendar in 2021: Perspective of Tomorrow followed by Another Perspective in 2022.

Other projects are constantly evolving. 

In conjunction with the Mark Milsome Foundation, funds raised will enable us and the new chair, Samantha Wainstein, to focus on developing entry level positions to create more diverse opportunities for young people behind the scenes of the film and television industry, whilst continuing to promote Health & Safety through the online safety passport. 

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Mark Milsome, was a talented cameraman who was killed whilst filming a stunt in Ghana on the set of the BBC/Netflix series ‘Black Earth Rising’ in 2017. The coroner at the inquest concluded that “shortly before the execution of the stunt, the risk of Mr Milsome being harmed or fatally injured was not effectively recognised, assessed, communicated or managed”. 

Thank You to everyone for your continued support and contributions to build a wonderful legacy in Mark Milsome’s memory.